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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cooper's Shower

Next to Bryn and Scott I think I was the most excited about my new nephew Cooper!  After having kids all you want is your sister to have them so you can be an Aunt and your kiddos can have fun with their cousins.  When the day came I was over the moon and now that he is almost here I am so excited/nervous/happy/anxious for him to appear.

Bryn was thrown 2 beautiful showers.  One by her mother in law and one by my cousins, Vicki, Talia and Stacey. 
Cooper has more than he will EVER need.  Bryn and Scott have such amazing and wonderful family and friends they were spoiled beyond belief.
Rylee and Nonnie

Sandy threw a rubber duckie themed shower are it was adorable.

Bryn was one of the best pregnant women I have ever known.  She looked and felt great the whole time.  I don't think I ever once heard her complain.
My cousins threw Bryn a shower at my Nonnies house and it was beautiful.  Nonnie has a great home for parties she should have more parties!!

All the usual suspects came including all of Rylee's "little cousins"
Rylee, Brook, Lulu, Gracie

Brook, Rylee, Reagan
The Schembri's came down from up North to show baby Cooper some love too!

The Tavaglione cousin's came in droves. 20 second cousins in one place is pretty good!
Cooper is already so loved and he isn't even here yet.

Heidi and Gracie
Bryn and Scott have all they need for Cooper to make it in this crazy world.  Now all we have to do is wait for him to get here!

Cooper's due date was fast approaching and there were many other events planned around this special time.  We were trying to get him here on a certain date as not to miss any of the other exciting things we had planned.  People were calling texting and generally giving their two cents on how to get Cooper to come out.  When Bryn had just about had enough of every one's two cents . . . it was go time!!!  I got the call in San Diego to come up before traffic got crazy.  I packed my bag, threw some stuff in for Brady, called a babysitter for Rylee and we hit the road. 

Bryn, in my mind, is CRAZY  she wanted to try and have Cooper all natural.  When she told us this I thought she was kidding.  I wanted to feel nothing and here she is wanting to feel EVERYTHING!!  I know Bryn is a strong person and when she sets her mind to something she does it.  But in the back of my minds I was thinking there is NO WAY!!!

She was a trooper!  
Contraction after contraction after contraction I thought she would give up but nope she kept going.

27 undrugged hours later . . .

 . . . he made it!

Cooper Scott Hazen
7lbs 1oz
18 3/4 inches

Proudest Auntie EVER!!!

Great Grandfather to 3 boys and 1 Ryleer!!

Jj . . . 2 boys 1 girl

Bryn's post baby meal. . .  pancakes and sausage . . . yum!!

Proud parents!!

One happy Yaya!

Cooper I love ya little buddy I can't wait for all of our many adventure!

Welcome to this crazy family . . . don't worry, you will learn to love it!~!

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