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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Girls Newport Trip 3rd Annual

Another year in Newport and more memories were made.
This year we decided that we needed to stay 2 nights, 1 night just wasn't enough.
2 nights is way better!!
The weather was beautiful the whole weekend.  
We played cards on the patio, laughed, and enjoyed some adult beverages.
Visited some old place and visited some new places. 
Stephanie was our token pregnant driver this year!  
She was a champ and I don't think anyone had their phone taken away.
Next year I don't think anyone will be pregnant, we might have to hire a driver!!!

The first night we were referred to as the cougars. 

Shots Shots Shots Shots
We all had a lot of fun . . .
. . . some of us more than others!!!
Sorry Amy but I had to!!!
We went out on the Duffy again this year.  

It is so relaxing to be out on the water. 
We docked at the American Legion to take a potty break and visit Gramps!
The second night we were more in our league!!

I'm already ready for next year!!
An amazing group of women to make amazing memories with. . .  next year Trish needs to be in more pictures :)

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