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Saturday, June 21, 2014

San Diego Dance Centre Recital 2014

We finally have a full fledged dancer in the house!!!
We have found a studio we love and are sticking with it.  Rylee started in the beginning of the year in a tap ballet combo and within a couple weeks her teacher wanted to talk to me.  She is in the class with Bella and Chloe, and I thought for sure she wanted to talk to me about the chatter and giggles that I'm sure were happening in class.  Boy was I wrong.  She wanted to move Rylee into a harder class.  I was so excited and heart broken at the same time.  The dance studio isn't so close to our house, so during the one hour dance class, Steph, Court, Brady, Laini, Jude and I go to Starbucks and get our dose of daily gossip in.  
We chose this class so her friends and I could all be together . . . solution . . . do both classes!!!
Her class with her friends did "It's a Small World."  
Bella was Arabian, Chloe was French and Rylee was Hawaiian!  They did so good and we were so proud of them.
Of course everyone came down for the recital.  They were super excited when I told them that Rylee's dances were in the first half and we could all leave at intermission . . . wrong!!!  Rylee's dances were BOTH in the second half and one was third from the end! Whoops

Rylee loved all the glitz of the costumes, putting on the make up and doing her hair.  She was a born performer and I love it!!

After the recital, we found out that they were going to be performing at the San Diego County Fair!  I told my mom and the first words out of her mouth were "I remember when you danced at the Norco Fair!"  Wish I could find a picture of that!!
Just after this blog was posted these  pictures were texted to me from my mother 

Rylee really has had a fun time dancing this year with her friends.  Next year, her teacher is already talking about moving her up some more and maybe joining the competition team . . . Yikes!!  Dance mom here I come!!!

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