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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Brady's 4th birthday

Happy 4th Birthday to my Big Boy!
When you get to have your birthday in Newport you get to do some pretty cool things! 
Brady started off his day by riding his bike down to 15th street to have breakfast on the beach.
Lucky for him, his favorite truck in the whole world pulled up right in front of us for breakfast!  It was a no questions asked photo op!
Birthday waffles for the four year old.  Breakfast on the beach is OK when you're 4 and you don't care that your waffles are cold or the syrup drizzled on top looks more like molasses because it's been in the fridge.  Nope four year old's don't really care (adults do just for the record!!)
After breakfast why not be the captain of your own boat??

We took a little duffy boat ride around Newport Harbor and it was fun.  We took snacks and birhtday cupcakes.  Everyone got a turn to drive.

Brady got lots of sports equipment for his birthday.  Baseball bat and balls, tennis racket and balls, pitching machine and he loves hitting all of them.

Even at four years old, where ever Brady goes the Daity must go too . . . when does it ever stop?!?!?

Brady has become a professional photo bomber!

There might have been people that had issues with my boat driving skills (gramps) and there might have been an incident involving extra large sail boats, but I can't really remember.  You will have to ask gramps!!

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