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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer of fun Part 1

Summer in my world only means one thing … the beach.   And that is exactly how we started out our summer. Not Newport Beach rather Del Mar beach. The kids don't really care what beach they are at as long as they get to go in the water and roll around in the sand. 
I was hoping that this summer would be a lot different than last summer. Last summer it was only clouds and not one sunny day. Since we have had summer since winter, I was hoping the weather would continue and have lots of sunny days for the summer.
My wish came true and every day has been beautiful sunny in the morning, warm evenings … perfect beach days. 

Perfect beach days result in perfectly napping children. I found out the longer Brady sleeps the longer he is up at night. That is bad for the mom.
Perfect sunny weather has also been perfect for summer nights. We went to the movie in the park. Riley was so excited when she found out that Brandon was also at the movie. 

Coming back from the movie the kids were a little more tired than I expected.

We got to have a fun pool day at Sweeney and Brooks house Rylee got real brave and was jumping off the rock and coming down the slide!
we are incredibly lucky that we get to go to Newport Beach for the month of July. We packed all of our  stuff including Brady and we headed off to the beach
Before we made it to the beach we made a little pitstop to get my hair done to make sure I was Beach ready

Already summer has been so much fun and it isn't even July yet I can't imagine what this summer will hold if the weather continues to be so perfect …

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