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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fourth Of July

Fourth of July is my all-time favorite holiday. I never ever ever ever ever ever ever want to miss the Fourth of July in Newport Beach on 26 street. 

It is such a tradition and I love everything about it. The street is expanding with kids exponentially, making it that much more memorable. This year the weather was fantastic and everybody was there.

For the past five or six years we have been only ones with little kids on the street. Which means we are down by the water while everybody else it's up by the boardwalk. Now that the little kids are getting older they are bringing more people down to the water and it just feels like old times.
Cooper somewhat miss Fourth of July he slept most of the day on the patio on top of JJ 
The kids are running the street just like we did. Hopping back-and-forth from house to house across the street, getting toys, eating food from other peoples houses and generally running amok!


We have taken a Fourth of July picture on the Heims patio for as long as I can remember. Sometimes there's many people there and sometimes it's a skeleton crew of neighbors. Being that there were so many new generation babies this year I thought it would be a great idea to start a new tradition.
This is a great picture!  Someone thought it would be a good idea to let Brady hold Jack.  

Caleb Rylee Cooper Brady and Jack
 Brady let go of Jack and he almost bit the big one on to the stairs!
Aunt B to the rescue!!
The Duque's come down and make an appearance. Drew is getting so cute and is in love with Rylee. I'm not sure Brady care so much but Rylee and Drew are usually inseparable. 
Brady Drew and Rylee

The crew

Dada and Rylee
The 26th St. patriarchs Vic Hiem and Don Gould!

Shaaaaaane and Jack Jack!
The newest grandma ladies…

I've got my eyes on you!
Watching the sun go down on this beautiful Fourth of July 

It's kinda funny, but the fireworks are very anticlimactic.  The kids don't really care, they are not super close so fireworks are a bonus in our day.  We would rather run the street having fun!!
Until next year . . .

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