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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer of fun Part 2 . . . Surfing!

The kiddos LOVE the water.  Rylee can swim but Brady has no desire to learn.  With that said neither one of them have any fear of the ocean.  They both bolt for the water and don't stop until they are both up to thier necks!  They stay together the whole time, both in the water, both on the sand, all together all the time, except when it comes to boogie boarding or surfing.
Rylee got a surfboard for her birthday in April and she was dying to try it out.  
I tried to teach her and it went ok.  Chris came down and tried to teach her and she did better.  
When she took the board out on her own she did the best.
I tried my best to get Brady on the surfboarad or the boogie board and there was no way he was going to do it.  Everyday I would ask. . .No do the boogie board!  He then became the boogie board bitch for Rylee.  Anytime she wanted it he would run out of the water and get it for her (what a nice brother).
There is a cute family with a boy and a girl, that comes down every year.  
All it took was a simple question from a cute girl to get Brady to get out and try the boogie board, and he was hooked!
Once again they were inseparable!

Surfing siblings

Surfing is not my favorite sport.  You have to get up early to get in the water before black ball, its mostly cold, and there is a lot of waiting for the perfect wave.  If the kids want to continue surfing they certainly have supporters.  Yaya, Aunt B, Cooper and Jj were all there watching.

Cool Dude

The littlest beach goers are bonafied water babies!  They boogie board and surf, roll around in the sand and repeat the process a million times.  Some nights we were out on the beach until 5pm!  We were thankful for the beautiful weather!

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