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Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer of fun Part 3 . . . Fun in Newport

Summer was so fun this year the sun was always out and the kids had a blast. 

We played
We strolled
We went to the sawdust festival. I can't remember the last time I was at the Sawdust Festival.  Gramps really wanted to go, so we packed up all the kids in the fun bus and off we went.  Apparently Bryn remembered that her first time at the festival cousin Talia bought her toe ring.
So before I knew it . . . Rylee, Brady and Aunt B were sitting up high on the toe ring bench with their toes out and windexed! Not Brady of course but he did want in on the action.  
Everything happened so fast, all I remember was screaming and then there was a ring on MY toe!  Good times at the Sawdust Festival.
It was a beautiful evening.  We got toe rings and my Mother got a mushroom!
You know you have the best grandparents when they are both willing to do the funny face selfie!
It's musical beds at the beach house.  Where you go to sleep doesn't actually mean you will wake up in the same place and there might be more or less people in the bed than when you started!  Cooper is getting his first taste of the dormitory, and I think he really liked it.
Everyone loves being in Yaya's bed
We all wake up together looking our very best.
While Cooper was at the beach I was bound and determined to make that kid take the paci.  Bryn had only come with one brand of paci and he wasn't so hot on it.  Brady and I took off on our bikes for a covert mission.  We were going to get every kind of paci out there and try it on Cooper.  During our mission we ran in to Bryn and Rylee!!  Bryn begrudgingly went along with my crazy idea.  I bought all different kinds of pacis!! Only to come home to find Cooper enjoying the ONE paci that Bryn had brought!  
Mission Failed!!!
Now we have all these just in case
Rylee had fun playing with Peyton.  Peyton is the sweetest little girl that lives a couple doors down. The girls came parading down the street in their princess dresses followed by Brady wearing no costume but wielding a sword.  The parade passed by the the girls announced which princess they were, when we asked Brady who he was he said "I'm the guy with the sword!!!" They run the street.  In and out of the neighbors houses, playing dress up and dining al fresco!
This summer there were horrible rip currents and the Newport Beach lifeguards lost one of their own.  We went to the memorial and showed our support.
The kids in front of Shane's fire truck!
millions of miles logged on the boardwalk via bicycle
Many many many hands of cards.  Rylee plays crazy 8's, go fish, old maid and war, she is close to playing gin.  The adults played May I on the patio till the wee hours of the night many a night!!

My not so small baby!
Played on the beach with countless friends!

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