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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer of fun Part 4 . . . Rock Star Camp & 10th Street

While visiting Newport Beach Rylee has the wonderful oppurtunity to visit my cousin Vicki's dance studio.  Every summer the studio puts on a Rock Star Dance Camp and Rylee is all about it.  Yaya and I took her  to the fancy dance wear store and picked up some very rock star camp looking wear, she looked just like Rock Star Barbie!!
The best thing about Rock Star Camp is that she gets to carpool with Vicki, which is also a bonus for me!!  She is the little dance studio mascot for the week, she walks right in like she owns the place, sits behind the desk and even told Talia that when she comes back next year she needs her own spinning chair behind the desk!!
At the end of the week long dance camp there is a performance.  I sold my grandparents on it.  It was in Newport, no tickets needed and it was probably going to last at the most 15 minutes!!  We all piled in the fun bus and we were on our way.
Rylee was by far the cutest one there!!
And had the best ending pose?!?!?

After Rock Star Camp it was Orange County Fair time.  We picked a time when everyone could go, meaning everyone would be off work. The plan was to head to the fair and then head down to 10th street for the week.  At the last minute Scott had to help his dad, Chris came up and immediatly got the flu, and that was the moment we decided to forgo the fair and go to the Fun Zone instead!!!

I think they did just as much if not more than going to the fair!

Dinner was pure chaos, the kids were crazy, yes all three of them!

After the fun zone we were so happy to head back to 10th street!
Being down at 10 street is only 16 blocks from 26th street but it feels like a totally different world. Crossing the sidewalk every 30 seconds is a little stressfull and I was sure someone (probably Brady) was going to get run over by a bike, but we made it through the week with no accidents! The beach is really long and the water isnt really for little kids.  I brought the blow up pool and put it 5 feet from the board walk and the kids had a blast.
The first day filling up the pool we reached the hose over the wall, over the boardwalk and into the pool just far enough to snap the pipe right off.  Scrambling to find the water shut off and the thought of living without water for any period was kind of exciting.  The plumber got there within an hour and restored the water!!
Brady had so much fun he fell asleep on the floor!!
In the mailbox at 10th are a million shells that have been collected over the years.  One morning I sent the kids onto the beach in search of more shells.  Rylee hunted shells while Brady was hunted for rocks!  They came back with quite the collection.  Rylee, on her own, decided that it would be a good idea to sell the shells to people whizzing by on bikes and people walking by with head phones in.  In her most un-Rylee like voice she would shyly ask the people if they wanted to buy some shells.  Brady on the other hand was yelling at people "WANNA BUY SOME ROOOOOCCCCCKKKKKKSSS??!"  It was really funny
A sign that says "Sea Shells for Sale" always helps!
My little entrepreneurs!

Being that the waves are too big at the beach in front of 10th St. it was kind of fun to go over to the Bayside. We walked over and the kids thought it was great we swim out to the little dock, jumped off and did it again and again.

It's nice just to sit on the patio and let the kids run on the beach. It was pretty windy so they took a plastic shopping bag and ran around on the beach up and down the hills pretending it was a parachute.

And then a photo shoot happened …

it has been fun all summer to have Cooper and aunt B with us. Since Bryn is on maternity leave until September she was with us the whole time. It is so fun to have little Cooper around he is such a good baby we are just dying for him to get to let the smiles out.   The kids don't really get babies. They are way to loud, they run over, him he's always in danger it's a little bit sketchy!!
Evenings on the beach are sometimes the best times we've have at the beach. Especially when the patio is only 2 feet away. They brought out the tennis rackets and hit balls into the wee hours of the evening. We turned on all the lights to illuminate the beach and it was just perfect.

We can't thank Nonnie and Papa enough for letting us stay down on 10 we had an amazing time and cannot wait to go back!!

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