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Thursday, September 11, 2014

First Day of School 2014

Who decided that school to start in the middle of summer? Not this girl! Going back to school in the middle of August is an insult to summer.  August has some of the best weather summer has to offer. Luckily for us we've had good weather all summer June, July and half of August were fantastic. Some Summers, summer is just getting started in August. June gloom sets in and July seems to barely get out from under the gloom and August is perfect.  So just when you're just getting tan lines from your bathing suit and it's time to pack them up put them away to go back to school shopping seems crazy? I don't see the point!
Well it seems like everybody was ready to go back to school but me, I was enjoying summer having a wonderful time in Newport and the kids were ready to get back to see their friends and go to school. 
The kids and I met Yaya in Newport for a little back to school shopping. Much to our surprise everything was picked over. There was nothing to be had.  Rylee had been asking me for weeks for the light up shoes. I was dreading going to the mall because I knew she would scout them out want them Yaya would buy them and then she would have to wear them to school. Thankfully for Yaya she convinced Rylee that they were baby shoes. She then got stuck onto this more stylish more appropriate pair of shoes. 
Rylee's first day of school was quite interesting. Brady cried because he wanted it to be his turn to go to school. It was thunder and lightning and rain. And once again it was the middle of August.
She was so excited to go to school and I was not worried one bit about her, she is so confident and felt like the big kid on campus now that she wasn't on the kindergarten playground anymore. She put her clothes on grabbed her umbrella and we are off. Of course Brady couldn't find the one umbrella that he wanted so he continued to cry all the way to school
The obligatory picture taking went off without a hitch on the first day of school. 
It helps when your daughter is the biggest ham in the house. 

Rylee picked out her backpack and lunch box weeks before school started so she couldn't wait to take them. Although I pack a mighty fine lunch, she loves to buy lunch. I think she likes the social aspect of standing in line around with the kids punching in her number talking to the lunch lady and hoping she has enough money in her account to buy a water. I have given her cause to worry since a couple days last year the lunch lady said "Rylee you don't have enough money in your account for that water" …whoops… Mom of the year!!
Brady's first day of school was at the correct time just like it used to be. The Tuesday after Labor Day!  This meant two weeks of Brady asking every day  after Rylee would pack her lunch and grab her backpack if it too was his turn to go to school. Every day he asked "is it my turn" "is it my turn today"?? I felt so bad every time saying "Brady it's not your turn in a couple days it will be your turn".  Finally when it was his day he was so excited. He absolutely loves school. He loves going and seeing all his friends, he loves his teacher Mrs. Valdes, and he loves walking and carrying his bucket so proud

He did much better this year with the obligatory sign holding first day of school picture taking. After he was dressed he kept asking "where is my sign where is my sign?"
When we went to take our family photo he insisted that Rylee also have her sign too.  They really have secured quite the bond this summer that I thought it might be very hard for them to go their separate ways to different schools. Seeing the confidence in both of them makes me so proud and so happy. 

Brady started four year preschool this year going three days a week Monday Wednesday and Friday. Last year he went two days a week. Going back to the same school that he had been at last year felt comfortable. He walked right through the gate into his classroom put his bucket on the shelf and was more than excited to sit down and learn for Miss Valdes. 
I love that on the first day of school all of the husbands show up.  It seemed all too fitting to have our picture taken as well with the sign being that we are never all together in the same place at the same time. 
Happy first day of school to everyone. Hope there was lots of smiles and only a few tears.  Before we know it will be the last day of school … ahgghhhh!!!!

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