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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy 70 years

Happy 70th wedding anniversary Nonnie and Papa!  I'm pretty sure that's a milestone that not many people get to accomplish. 
Nonnie was very adamant that she did not want a party. I am always in favor of a party no matter what the occasion, especially an occasion like this one.
We thought a family dinner would be appropriate. Nonnie pick the place 5 Crowms, we made sure everybody could  be there and we made the reservation.  It was funny, when my mom right made the reservations for a 70th wedding anniversary, she told her that we needed a private room. The receptionist said the only private room we have is upstairs. We have no elevator is that going to be a problem.  We both just laughed! Knowing that these two are the most amazing ninety year olds we've ever met!!

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