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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bakersfield Wedding

A little road trip to Bakersfield for Chris's aunts wedding.
The kids are really good car riders on an everyday basis.  They are very quite, they fall asleep most of  the time and they don't ask a lot of questions.  Newport is the farthest we usually drive, and at the longest can be 2 hours. A little 4 hour road trip was going to be fairly easy I thought.  I had the iPads all charged up, snacks packed, homemade chocolate chip cookies and we were on our way. 
1 hour and tons of traffic later . . .
Rylee crying :"I want to go home"
Brady yelling: "no talking I'm relaxing" (aimed at Chris and I)
Me: There is not enough Dramamine in the whole world to make this horrific drive any better
Daddy was an unsympathetic driver!!
There was lots of whining and I hate to say it but I am by far the worst offender!!

4 and a half hours later we made it to Bakersfield, the land of dirt and farms!
The kids were super excited to see their cousins Victoria and Noah, Grandma and Grandpa
We made it and the wedding was so sweet!  
When was the last time you saw a wedding party like this one??
The happy couple
The kids had a great time running around with each other.  My kids aren't really sure how to act with smaller kiddos.  Even with Cooper I fear for his life.  Rylee and Brady go about their wild selves running and screaming nearly taking out non mobile babies with each step.

Silly cousins

Marshall, Noah, Rylee, Rylee, Lucy, Audrey, Charlotte
After the wedding on our drive home, I thought we might give the kids a little education on agriculture (since we are so knowledgeable in this subject)
We passed a cotton field and pulled over to show the kids where cotton comes from.  They each picked one and got to take it back home.
We stopped to show the kids that almonds grow on trees and not in the ground, as they previously thought!
There were trian tracks to nowhere so we decided on an impromptu photo shoot!

Bakersfield ended up being a good little road trip. We got to see some long overdue family, snuck in some education, and we are all still alive to tell about it.  That is because the drive home was much less trafficy and whiney, by yours truly!

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