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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Super Halloween

Halloween was SOOO fun this year! The costumes were perfect and it actually felt like Halloween. 
I always try to keep Halloween in a theme. The kids were gung ho on being superheroes and I tried to make Chris and I fit that mold but it just wasn't working this year. We got this great idea for Chris to grow his beard and be the most interesting man in America. I've always said I will never buy overalls but never say never because I chose overalls to be Rosie the riveter. 
When Brady chose to be captain America I was kind of shocked because I wasn't sure he knew who he was. When we found the costume I ordered the whole thing including gloves boots belt mask shield the whole nine. When we got the Halloween costume it was about seven sizes too big I had to have it altered and fit like a glove when it was all done. Being that Brady is super picky I never thought in 1 million years that he would wear all of those pieces and like it. I think it really shows that Brady is growing up and growing into his own little person. He loved every bit of that Halloween costume.

Rylee was dead set on picking her Halloween costume due to the footwear. After she saw the leather high-heeled boots of the Supergirl costume she was sold. When her costume came in it was seven sizes too small so I had to send that sucker back and get a bigger size.   Thankfully when it came back with the bigger size it fit perfectly and she loved it. The costumes were a little more expensive this year than I anticipated but they definitely got their use out of them. Disneyland in their costumes twice, each Halloween parade, Halloween party, and Halloween.

Comfortable costumes are the way to go.

We went to Disneyland twice this year to see all of the pumpkins. We got to go to the Disney Halloween trick-or-treating event with my mom which was super fun.
We kicked off Halloween with a Halloween family party where we all got to dress up.
Chris is a ham and loves to dress up for any occasion. A tux for a formal event Halloween all the way and any dress up party he is definitely all in. He grew his beard out for three weeks irritating the whole family including himself. Trying to dye it  gray was quite the experience. I did find out that nobody sells gray-hair dye because, news to me, no body wants gray hair.
Yaya, JJ, Sweeney, Kyle, Brooks and Luke came over for the annual trick-or-treating at our house and we invited some other friends along the way to. 

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