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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Soccer 2014 was quite an interesting year. It was Brady's first year playing soccer and Rylee's third.

After deciding not to do club soccer for Rylee I was happy to sit back and just relax and watch Rylee have fun playing soccer and watch Brady for his first season try to get to the ball. Come to find out there is never relaxing moment on the sidelines of a soccer game. I am totally that mom loud obnoxious screaming at her child win or lose.  

  This was her first year on the big field and I think it really shows if you're into soccer or you're not. Nobody knows what the positions there are kids are running all over the field top to bottom left to right. Being that Rylee wants to score all the time she always has to be at the ball.  Not understanding the positions of soccer she was running  all over the field all the time getting super winded super fast.  She quickly found out that being the goalie didn't include much running. She spent most of her time in the goalie box which is very nerve-racking for any parent. She did really good at goalie, she had lots of saves and only got scored on a total of three times.

Rylee's team only won one game all season and it was also the most exciting game of the entire season. Rylee was the goalie in the first half and did an amazing job without anybody scoring on her. The second half the coach put in another player, her daughter, and pulled her at the very last second to put Rylee in when the other team put in their best player. Rylee stood her ground as goalie and they won the game. During the last game of the season, Rylee play goalie again and did a great job! At the very end, the coach put her in as forward and she scored her first and only goal of the season. I think it put a high note on the end soccer this year being that they didn't win a game all season. 
Soccer is a very hard sport with little gratification. 

Brady and soccer was quite an interesting site. I think he only wanted to be at soccer to be with his friends Tucker Colton and Cody and really coach Mark. At the beginning of the season some little kid accidentally pushed Brady out of the way to get to the ball and from then on Brady thought it was a contact sport and was arbitrarily pushing all of the kids for absolutely no reason. He would run behind the ball smiling and laughing trying to catch up with the other kids.  If his foot accidentally came into contact with the ball he was super excited. Which ever way he was facing when the ball actually touched his foot was the way he kicked it . . . nine times out of 10 it was the wrong way.
Soccer parents
Ya ya and JJ were so nice to come down to most of the kids games. They did really good sitting on the sidelines cheering for the children and telling me to be quiet. I think the kids love having them there and going into the tunnel looking up at their little faces
The most fun this season was watching the kids and having fun with thier friends being on the same team. I think both Rylee and Brady had a great season playing soccer but might be our last season. Soccer is tough!

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