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Sunday, December 14, 2014


This time of year I am super thankful for these crazy kiddos and my crazy amazing family. I'm so thankful that they play well together, get along, and for the most part like to be together. Rylee was so excited when she found out she did not have school on Monday and Brady did. That meant she got to read to his class.  She climbed up in the chair in front of the class told everybody she was Brady's big sister and asked if he wanted to come up and sit next to her while she read the story. He was more than eager to jump up and sit right by her side.
A priceless moment for mommy.
We have done a lot of baking. Cookies, pretzels, muffins, cakes, toffee! 
When we were at the mall I promised Brady pretzels. When we got to the pretzel stand I realize I had left my wallet at home. Kicking and screaming I took Brady home not that he realized or understood that it's not that I didn't want him to have the pretzels but that we could not actually buy the pretzels. I had promised him that we would make pretzels when we got home. I came through with my promise and we made the best most yummiest homemade pretzels ever!!
I organized Rylee's Thanksgiving feast and it turned out beautifully.  Being that she has such an ethnically diverse class the food was very interesting. Every child was asked to bring in a food of their culture. Let me tell you I did not recognize one thing on that buffet besides pizza.
My mom had Thanksgiving at her house and it was beautiful. Chris and the boys cooked the turkey to death. Literally I think half that thing is still sitting inside of the turkey fryer.  When they brought it in the look on my mom's face was absolutely priceless. Her exact words were "is there any meat still left on the thing?"
The one thing Rylee wanted to do over Thanksgiving break was to get her ears pierced. I tried my hardest to tell her how bad it would hurt that there was a needle involved and that she would have to be responsible for cleaning and making sure they didn't get infected for the next six weeks. She woke up every day asking to get her ears pierced. When I decided this wasn't going to go away my mom and I took her to Claire's and she got her ears pierced!
I was so incredibly proud of her she jumped up in the chair like a pro and got the first year pierced no problems.
The second year was a little bit more exciting she knew what was coming and it was going to hurt a little bit more than she imagined.
30 seconds later I felt like I didn't have a six-year-old anymore but a 16-year-old. She looked so grown up and so proud of herself
Our last adventure of thanksgiving break was to paint the gianormous chicken coop. Since we had Chris there we figured we had all the help we needed. We all mut family outinged it to the paint store to get the perfect shade of red my mom desired. When we got back everybody got a paint brush and roller and we went to town.  I think Brady painted more rocks and bushes than any part of the chicken coop. 
In the end it took us one day to primer the entire chicken coop. Sorry dad now it's your turn to finish the rest. 
Hopefully when we come back for Christmas vacation it will be all red and looking fantastic.

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