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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Xmas business

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas seems so short this year. I am absolutely not in the Christmas spirit at all. The only reason we put up any decorations at all was because Chris's parents were coming to do Christmas with our family the weekend before Christmas. We are going to Riverside for Christmas and as we all know,or Brady anyways, that's where Santa Claus comes. 

Chris most definitely is in the Christmas spirit. At least when it comes to the lights. He has been mapping out Christmas lights on our house for the last month. It worked out in my favor that Ryan was coming down for the weekend and the kids and I were going to Riverside. That meant Chris and Ryan had the entire week to themselves to make the house sparkle from the outside.
He always does an amazing job and our house looks fantastic.
Lo and behold we won. It was a Christmas miracle. Or a lesson in "what do I need to do to make this happen?"
This year Chris was bound and determined to let the kids cut down their own Christmas tree and have them in their room. We trucked it out to Lakeside to the only Christmas tree farm that lets you cut down Christmas trees. The kids marched around the Christmas tree farm until they found the perfect tree for each of their rooms.
Since I knew this was Chris's idea, I had been stockpiling individual personalized ornaments for the kids trees.  When Blueberry our elf arrived after Thanksgiving, he brought the kids these presents. Lights a star for their tree and there individual ornaments!!
We did one room at a time starting with Brady's. He was so excited to decorate his tree with all of his ornaments. He was so excited about each ornament that was just his. Motorcycles, tractors, B's just for him all ornaments that were just his.
We did just the same for Rylee . She was just as excited about each one of her ornaments.

About a week later we finally decided that we would put up our fake tree. 
I was a little bit sad but there are some perks to a perfectly perfect fake lit tree. 
It stands perfectly straight. 
Perfectly tall. 
Perfectly perfect with no holes. 
Perfectly strong for each heavy ornament without the possibility of it coming crashing down. 
Perfectly lit.

Brady kept calling it "my"(Mom's) tree. And then when he would find an ornament that had his handprint on it or an ornament that he thought was super cool he wanted it to go on his tree. We started to have less and less ornaments on "my tree" than he did on his tree.
Each of the kids had a Christmas party in their class. Brady was so cute in his little Christmas sing-along. He was smack dab in the front row seating in the loudest and doing all the hand motions as big as you can imagine.
He loved wearing his reindeer antlers and having a red nose. He wore it all day or at least until he took a nap. When he woke up from his nap his red nose was gone and he was devastated he had used his wet thumb on his red nose and it had come off. He blamed the Daity. That sneaky Daity.   When he woke up the antlers went right back on.
They were so cute at Rylee's holiday party. Her class decorated gingerbread houses. He wanted to sit right next to her and be her right hand man. She let him help every step of the way. I could not have been more proud.
Chris's parents came down for Christmas and the kids got to open their presents from them. They were so excited to get more games.
We have become the crazy game playing family. If my kids end up in gamblers anonymous please somebody site this blog.
As soon as Chris's parents walked out the front door on Sunday morning, Christmas came down in a flash.
We are now ready to move onto the second and final phase of Christmas, Christmas at my parents house.  Watch out Yaya and JJ here we come!!!

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