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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a grand hole in the ground and I am so glad we saw it!
Family Photo Op #1
After our super fun Polar Express ride we got up early to go check out one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  It was fun to wake up to cold and snow, it leaves such an impression when you are not used to it.  We arrived right before all the crazy started there was a small line trying to get into Grand Canyon National Park but nothing like the line we saw as we were leaving.
 1 point for punctuality!!
Family Photo Op #2
The grand canyon is stunning especially with a little dusting of snow on it.  Im not sure the kids got the grandness of it all but they did like being there with the snow.

Family Photo Op #3

Family Photo Op #4
A fun family photo is all fun and smiles until Brady takes a snowball to the face!
So the snowball fight in our family goes something like this . . . Chris and Scott start it, they both try and get their mother in law, Yaya runs around screaming trying not to get hit, Chris and Scott are to scared to get their father in law, the kids get hit in the cross fire, kids cry, Bryn comforts kids,  I stand back and take pics . . . happy family snow ball fight!

And then Brady takes another snowball to the face!

After a great day at the Grand Canyon we stopped into the local pub for a hot toddy!

Bryn's preggo but nobody knows yet . . . shhhhh!

After dinner we found this crazy sleigh zip line that went super high in the pitch black night and came screaming in with Rudolph leading the way.  Of course my dare devil child was up for it. It was FREEEEEZZZZING but we were all shivering together ready to watch . . . and they came walking back . . . Rylee got cold feet (no pun here) and did want to do it . . . . with a few encouragements she got back in the saddle and did it!!!
My little afraid of heights guy and I watched from the platform!

The Polar Express and the Grand Canyon are officially in the books and I think everyone loved EVERY SECOND of it . . . me probably the most.  There is nothing I love more than making these amazing memories with the whole Tavalinkazen crew!  We are so lucky that we all love being together, we all get along, and the kids are super good and love playing with their cousin(s)!

Until next year and all the new adventures to come . . . .

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Polar Express

No one was more excited about going on the Polar Express than me!!

Let's just go back to the Fourth of July when my mom and I booked the polar express. We thought it would be fun for my mom the kids and I to drive out to Arizona I do the polar express for a couple days on Christmas vacation come back and tell everybody else about it. As we we're talking about booking at my dad was sitting at the bar and he said that would be fine I think I might want to go maybe we can take the kids to the Grand Canyon. At that point it was Yaya JJ Whitney and to Kids. As we started booking it we thought well maybe we should ask Bryn if she wants to go. After Bryn said yes to go in and the booking continued my dad said you're going to leave out Mr. Christmas?  At this point we were booking a full-fledged family vacation to Williams Arizona to ride the polar express and to visit the Grand Canyon.

The only way to ride the polar express is in family jammies yes matching family pajamas from size Cooper to size JJ. YaYa Bryn and I were on a hunt.  I was bound and determined to find my family the Tavalinkazen's matching Christmas pajamas to wear on the polar express.
When my mom and I found them at Macy's it was the first of many Christmas miracles. My Christmas vision was coming true. 
Here we are at 5 o'clock in the morning ready to make our track to Williams Arizona and the polar express
Thank God my kids are car sleepers I don't know what I would do if they were awake most of the time in the car.
On the drive up we were hoping for snow. At the first sign of snow the kids went crazy yelling at us to pullover they wanted to see it. So of course we obliged pulled over and touch the 2 inches of snow that we're on the ground. Took a picture topic in the car and headed for Williams.
I didn't realize that Williams Arizona is literally the legit route 66. It looks exactly like a scene out of Cars the movie. We had lunch at a little diner where Chris found the North Pole times.

 The kids got to play in the snow outside the diner for a little while and before we knew it it was time to put her pajamas on and get ready for the polar express. On a sidenote, everyone being healthy was the next Christmas miracle. No sickness no flu no coughing no sneezing no nada healthy Tavalinkazen's 
Sorry so many pictures of my family in our pajamas but this literally was my happiest day everybody participating in the family pajamas in the snow altogether in one place. 

Of course I brought the selfie stick and it broke after the second picture. Not to worry we rallied and took 1000 more pictures in her family Christmas pajamas.

Getting ready to board the polar express was so exciting. The train looks exactly like it does in the book and in the movie. It was cold the weather was perfect and we couldn't have been more excited.
Cooper was ready to doze off right as we boarded the train and as luck would have it it was timed perfectly.
As you get on the train the chefs greet you and help you aboard. 

After you get your seat they ask you if you would like to sit facing your family how exciting is that.
Rylee  was doing this weird no smile thing because she didn't want anybody to see that she was missing her two front teeth.
After your seated the hot chocolate comes out and the waiters start dancing down the aisle. The book is read aloud as the waiters walk up and down the isles with the giant book showing the pages. 

As the book is finished being read the train slowly pulls into Santas Village. All the kids hurry to the windows to try and get a look at Santa Claus and his village. As soon as you pass the village and before you know it Santa Claus has boarded the train and is approaching every child with the bell wishing them a Merry Christmas and asking them if they've been good or bad and what they would like for Christmas. 

Waiting for Santa

He was probably the best Santa I've ever seen he was so patient with each child. On the way back from Santas Village there is mass chaos and dancing in the aisles even Cooper got in on the action and was dancing around.  We got to sing every Christmas Carol out loud as loud we could of course Chris being the loudest singer of the whole family, surprise surprise!!

Even the big kids got bells

Getting off the train was the most magical time for me and probably the kids!  It was snowing and it was perfect!!!

EVERYBODY in their Christmas Jammies!!!!!

My most favorite family picture of all time