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Friday, January 23, 2015

Blog O' Blog

Blog 'O blog where have you gone???
I have no excuse for not keeping my blog up to date.  Rylee is in school all day and Brady still naps 2 hours a day. I have no excuse besides laziness.
The kids have been up to so much and are still going in different directions it's hard to keep it all straight.

I would love to recap on the previous year to start off 2015.
2014 felt like a normal year.  No big changes (as crazy as that sounds) 
Rylee was doing the same thing, school, dance and soccer.
Brady was doing 3 day preschool and adding soccer.
This is what I thought would be happening, no surprises.
Here comes the recap . . .
We went to Big Bear to see the snow with 7 families in one house  .  . . there was NO SNOW! 
The kids surfed and went to the beach EVERY day this summer (the weather was beautiful EVERY DAY)
We watched Rylee dance and dance and 
Brady turned 4 and started a modeling career (Ha)!!
Super Brady
We welcomed sweet baby Cooper 
We drove to Bakersfield for a wedding and to see the Hlinka's! 
We loved on Cooper  . . . 
A Lot!! 
Yaya woke up almost every morning this summer to 3 extras in her bed! 
We played LOTS of cards and learned how to say congratulations to the winner and not be a sore looser! 
We spent numerous days on the beach. 
We played with our friends 

We reminisced  . . .
Brady 3                Whitney 3                  Rylee 3

Took lots of silly selfies
We got all dolled up for Halloween
We watched the kids play soccer   . . .  
The Goalie Ninja

We celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday
and we waited for Santa!
I hope this year is very similar to last year! 
 I may be a little on the spontaneous side but I do really like a routine.
This is one routine I would like to keep!
Twenty Fifteen lets keep the normalcy going :)

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