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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Vacation

Christmas isn't Christmas until we are in Riverside at my parents.  I don't know why but that's just how it is!
The kids were super stoked to be there too, Yaya decorates like it's the North Pole.  They immediately looked for Blueberry and he was nestled in with off of the Santas.
We found Brady in this same spot most of the time we were there.  There is a music Santa that spins in his chair.  I think Brady liked to watch it go round and round and listen to the music.
Something that has become somewhat of a tradition is going to the 99 Cent store with Papa.  They have so much little crap that the kids just love.  Papa walks them over and lets them get ANYTHING they want.  I asked Rylee, "does Papa say no to anything?" She said no he never says no!!
Another up and coming tradition is the Breakfast Club.  The club members include Rylee, Brady and JJ!  They have moved on from Norms to Farmer Boys.  There was a mishap one morning and they ended up at Farmer Boys, so the club decided this would be there new spot!!

The Mission Inn is such a zoo this time of year we typically stay far far away.  Gramps came down Christmas eve and stayed at a hotel close by so we decided this year to have dinner at Las Campanas and enjoy the lights of the Mission Inn from inside!!  It was a perfect night until they tried to put us at a table in the back.  A little perseverance and we got the best table in the house, it was a "what do I need to do to make this happen moment!"
Just a thought, but next year I am going to get a picture of Scott's head and put it on a stick and bring it to all of our family events and pretend like he is there. A family shot with our whole family is hard to come by.  We always say this is a great night if only Scott was here.
The Mission Inn is a beautiful place.  The perfect place for a family picture, that is if your children are cooperating.  This was a rare moment where they were not in picture taking mode  ..  . . . ERRRRRR!
After the fun chaos of Christmas Eve we came back to leave Santa his milk and cookies . .. .

 The kiddos get up pretty early when we are on vacations which is weird because they are going all day, they don't take naps and they stay up late. Non the less my mom and I talked about getting up early and getting ready for the day.  It is always a busy packed day so we wanted to be ready for the kids and chaos ahead of time. 
 As luck would have it Brady did not get up until 8!! 
Morning Brady and Merry Christmas!
Cooper was a perfect angel . . . and so was Aunt B!  We were all staying together over the holidays and it is always exciting.  
Coopers first taste of all the craziness and it made it though with flying colors.
  He almost got stepped on only a couple times.
After getting her ears pierced all Rylee wanted for Christmas was earrings, so earrings she got
And a remote control dog!
Brady was tricky this year.  I try really hard to make them stick to one Santa present idea.  This year he was all over the board.  Every commercial he saw "I want that for Christmas!" Every toy in the toy aisle "I want this for Christmas!"  Every time someone would ask him what he wanted for Christmas it was never the same answer twice . . . Ninja Turtles, Spider Man, Paw Patrol, Legos. . . . every time he would ask me what I wanted for Christmas I would say shoes and he would say "No it has to be a TOY!!!"

Games have been huge this year.  I am a fan of board games and cards over ipads and cartoons.  They got lots of games and we haven't stopped playing since Christmas.

Christmas in the morning with the fam and Gramps was nice and controlled and mellow.  We got to see what everyone was opening, and then Brady started opening anything that had his or Aunt B's name on it.  If it said To: Brady he opened it if it said From: Brady he opened it if it said To: Bryn he opened it and then when it was a purse he tossed it aside and moved on to the next!!
Cooper enjoyed his toys and playing with JJ!
Christmas at Nonnie and Papa's was down right chaotic!  The kids were ripping through presents left and right.  Brady found his green riding toy and it was all over.  Rylee, being the one giving out the gifts weighed all of the rest of the presents until she found the one that weighed the same as Brady's hoping it too would be ride on toy!!
The kids weren't the only ones that got matching gifts with wheels. . . 
Dad and Uncle Jay got brand new trucks from Nonnie and Papa!  It was sooooo exciting they opened the presents at the same time and it was a set of keys we all ran down to the garage.  Behind the second garage door were to identical trucks with big bows on them.  It was like being in a commercial!

The kids have a blast at my parents house.  They run the property from top to bottom.  They are finally old enough and trustworthy enough to run around by themselves. They check for chicken eggs 50 times a day.  Their new favorite activity is riding in the bed of JJ's truck as he speeds 90 miles an hour up and down the driveway!!

We love going over to Nonnie and Papa's because you never know what is happening over there.  Most of the time they go up and down the elevator and play with Sammy in the backyard throwing the tennis ball.  After Christmas we went over to retrieve half of the stuff we left there and we found Uncle Jay trying to fix the dishwasher.  Brady jumped in ready to help.

To round out our Christmas vacation my parents got us tickets to the A Capella group called Straight No Chaser.  We decided to take the kids, which was a long shot being that the show started at 8!  Brady loved every moment clapping after every song.  Rylee was a wiggly nightmare, tired, whiny, and asking if it was over after every song.  The only one's she liked were the current songs she knew.

Having Uncle Scott with us was a treat.  Brady took full advantage and requested to sit between Aunt B and Uncle Scott.  Maybe that is why he had so much fun!

I hope I haven't killed my parents after being at their house for 10 days.  We really do have tons of fun there.
  As we were packing up to head home Rylee said " we can leave yet I still have 2 more pairs of big girl panties!!!"
Yes we time our stay by the amount of big girl panties we bring!!!

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