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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Life is rolling by

Life must be pretty normal if I haven't blogged in over three months. The kids, Chris and I have all settled into our wonderful routine that consists of school dance and baseball. We do the same thing week after week with minimally exciting things happening in our world. 
1 . . . 2 . . .3  . . . Gooooo Mets!!!
Baseball is by far the CUTEST!!!
Brady did start playing baseball and to our surprise he actually really likes it. He loves to go to practice he loves to wear his hat he loves to carry his little baseball bag and his orange bat that we had to put his name on so that nobody else could use. He has realized that playing first base is the best position to play because that's where all the action goes. After The ball is hit every kid from every corner of the field runs to the ball in hopes of being the one that actually is on the bottom of the dog pile. That finally ended and Brady that is when he realized that first base is the place to be because no matter who catches the ball it has to be thrown to first base.  
Brady got a job, what I mean by job is that he stood there and looked in the camera and said cheese. The modeling thing has been kind of fun he got one job where he is on the cover of the costume box he's a gold ninja and a silver ninja. But you'll never know it's him because all he can see his eyes.  He is a little finicky with this clothes so when I saw the costume I thought holy shit this is never going to work. It had a mask that went over his face and it and a skullcap that went over his head so is his hair wasn't seen. The hair lady put a little bobby pin in his hair to hold back his bangs. He stood there for a good 10 minutes while they tucked, pinned, and taped the mask to his face I thought for sure he was going to lose it but he never did. It's the cutest little costume you've ever seen I can't wait till it comes out in stores. (I can't post the picture until it comes out next Halloween)

Rylee is OLD!!  She just turned 7 this is her getting ready for her Daddy Daughter Valentine's Day Dance.   She asked if she could wear mascara and do it herself . . . tear.
Rylee is continuing dance and absolutely loves it she picked up another dance class and she thinks it's the best thing ever. It is the production routine where almost the whole studio is in it. She is the youngest one and absolutely loves it.
She will perform in her first competition this weekend and she is so excited. She doesn't know the difference between a competition and recital, all she knows is that she gets to dance on stage. Her costumes are so cute and everything that goes with it with it is just dance mom crazy. Eyelashes, rhinestones, red lipstick in three different shades of red, three different pairs of dance shoes, curly hair bun on top of slap bun make your bun perfect bun. I once told her while I was doing your hair to "stop tapping" no she wasn't in her tap shoes she was in her getting ready to go to school shoes and her feet would not stop moving I said "Rylee you have got to stop tapping, quit moving" and she looked at me, through her head back and yelled "Dance is my life!!!"
She ran the fun run at school with her daddy and Chris said she complained the entire time!!!
I am still the mom taxi. I love it. I sit at dance, I sit at baseball, I now sit at swimming lessons, and I wait and wait and wait for my kids to get done with their life so I can move on with mine. The tanning business is picking up a little bit which is just perfect a little bit is perfect for me. The blog is falling off the wagon as you can tell but life is great. Chris and I got to go to Cabo with some fun friends in February,
 I went to Las Vegas to celebrate Amy and her post chemo victory, 
and we just got back from Hawaii with the whole family. You would think that with all this free time on my hands I would have more time to blog, not the case!
Life is good . . . 

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