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Friday, June 26, 2015

Dance Dance Dance

Rylee's first competitive dance season was quite a whirlwind experience. She is taking dance at San Diego Dance Center and loving every second of it. She is doing a tap class and her jazz class and she did the big production number for competition and the recital. Watching Riley on stage is absolutely amazing. You can tell she is very at ease and loves being on stage and being center of attention. At one point at the competition we were watching solos and Rylee asked me "how do you get to be the only one on stage?"  That's when I knew I was in trouble.  She has progressed so quickly over this year … she loves tapping and taps everywhere she goes at any time. One time I told her "Ry6 enough tapping I can't take it anymore." She threw her head back and yelled "dance is my life!"
She got to be with her friends Bella and Chloe for her jazz dance called Get Up Off That Thing. I think the sunglasses made them feel extra sassy. 
Her tap class called Hit the Road Jack was super fun to watch. By the end of the season I think I can do the entire dance just listening to the song without watching Rylee. 
We went to three different competitions two in Escondido and Showstoppers in Anaheim that I used to go to when I was a little kid.

Her dances both did really well a competition and she ended up getting first place at one competition for her tap routine which was really exciting.
It was fun getting to be with our friends during this whole experience. Sitting at Starbucks waiting for the girls to be done, rushing backstage to change costumes, and getting all of the dance accoutrement that goes along with being in dance was the highlight. Who knew you needed fake eyelashes, three different shades of red lipstick, a fake curly hair bun, boxes to stack all different costumes, and a grandma shopping cart?

Dance wouldn't be the same without Yaya the dancing granny. 
We just love her and are so happy that she wants to be with us at every dance experience. She comes to the dance competitions, she comes to the dance recital even though she's seen the dance 50 times, she drives all the way to the San Diego fair, it just wouldn't be the same if she wasn't there we are so lucky to have her.

Here's to an incredible dance season may the next one be just as fun.

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