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Monday, August 10, 2015

River with friends

We are beach people we know that, but when you get invited to go to the river you jump at the chance.  The Hibbs family thought it would be fun to take the boat out to Parker with the kids.  Chris and I had been dying to get the kids behind the boat.  
5 hours and 106 degree heat we made it!
The kids immediately jumped in and never got out.

The whole week was spent in the water, in the boat or in a tube.  It was perfect.

Zack, Zoey, Rylee, Brady
The kids loved being on the boat and were great river kids.  Rylee really wanted to try wake boarding and we couldn't be more excited.  To my surprise, Brady also kept telling us that he to wanted to try wake boarding.  The first day we tried to put Rylee on the adult board and that just didn't work.
The next day we found a place to rent a kids board and it was magical.  I got in the water with Rylee in hopes to help her pop right up.  The first couple times you could tell she was getting the feel for it. The next time she got up and left me in the middle of the river.  She popped right up and never looked back.  We definitely created a monster.  Not that I was surprised at all she is so crazy athletic.  From that point on she did it all on her own.  When she fell she was patient in the water, waited for the rope and loved yelling Hit It!!
Brady wanted to try after Rylee was done and I was shocked.  He got in the water with me held on to the rope and it just got pulled out of his hands. He tried a couple more times and then gave up.  I was super proud of him for even having the courage to try, being that is is so out of his comfort zone!  When Zoey tried the same thing happened.  Their little grip strength isn't quite ready.  

After everyone conquered wake boarding it was all anyone wanted to do.  We had so much fun playing in the water with the kids, jumping off the boat and tubing.

After wake boarding didn't go so well for the little kids, all they wanted to do was lay in the tube and get pulled behind the boat.  They were so tired every time they got in, but loved every minute of it.  They learned all the hand signals for slower, faster and hold.  At any given time there would be 4 little thumbs giving us a different signal.  Every time they got it it was a fight as to who would sit with who and who was sitting to close to someone else. But as soon as the boat took off they were in a mesmerized coma!!

After the kids would go to sleep the big kids played cards and dice where there was epic music choices and tons of laughter.

It was a super fun trip and more fun memories and adventures had by all. 
 Until next time H Squared!!

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