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Friday, July 31, 2015

OC Fair 2015

We made it to the OC fair this year whooo hooo!  Last year people got sick (Chris) and we decided that we would go to the fun zone instead.  Well not this year, it was fair or bust.

I knew my kiddos would have fun at the fair.  Face painting, rides, food its all fun and this isn't the kids first time.  I was really excited to see the Coopster on his first ride with the big kids or on the pony.  Bummer for Auntie Nini because none of that happened.

Am I big enough?
Coop was to wittle to ride the rides, wasn't having any part of getting his face painted and was to cranky when it came time to the ponies.  Sad day for me.

The big kids on the other hand had a great time.  They ride all of the rides, all of them!  They each picked some outrageous looking face paint, each true to their personality.

Every time we go to the fair it is mostly the same with subtle differences.  Ill take it any way it comes because each year is a new story with new memories.  Next year I hope that Cooper will ride the rides and Rylee will not want to leave Kiddie Land for the bigger more crazy rides (I can hope right?)

Of course we came for the fair food too!!
Krispy Kreme double decker 
Yaya and her mini doughnuts
By the time it came to the annual water gun competition it was down to the bare bones.  Usually it is my Mom and the boys which makes it kind of exciting.  This year it was the Hlinka's turn, Chris, Whitney, Rylee and Brady.  I took them all down and as usual it was a big fihing.
  I took them all down and as usual it was a big fight over the prize.  Brady chose the giant Minion and Rylee cried for half an hour because she got nothing.

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