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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer 2015

Our summer started out a little rocky this year. Let me lay it out for you as it happened.

Going to Newport this year as like all the other years past I told the kids we were going for 30 days. When Brady got his suitcase out I told him they needed to bring 30 pairs of big boy pants.  Brady took me pretty seriously and laid out every pair big boy plant pants he had on the stairs. Then he insisted on taking pictures of all his big boy pants laid out.  When we got to the beach we had realized that I had left all of his 30 pairs of big boy pants in San Diego. So much for his wonderful preparations. 

No big boy pants

Rear ends a moving truck:
Brady was excited to ride his big boy bike this year. Two wheeler not on the trailer bike all by his big boy self. The first thing we do is jump on our bikes ride down to Nonnie and Papa's house and what does he do? He rearends a large white Ford F250 truck while in motion. Yes he rear-ended a moving vehicle.

Broke a fan blade:
The kids were having too much fun upstairs with a balloon and somehow a fan blade broke off. The entire story is yet to be heard.

Rented a movie:
The kids said hey mom can we watch SpongeBob out of water? Is it on TiVo? Yeah it's right here on the DVR. OK sure yeah go ahead and watch it. A couple days go by and we are still watching SpongeBob out of water when I notice that is actually not on the DVR yet it has been paid for On Demand. At this point I think grandpa is ready to evict us before we have even gone a week.

This summer was full of rain and monsoon like weather. The first week prove to be a little bit shaky with the weather in regards to the rain. We didn't make it out to the beach a whole lot which meant spending a lot of time inside trying to find things for the kids to do. That's not what summer weather is all about in Southern California.

Rylee learned to surf on the big board. She also recruited Steve as her surfing instructor. Every morning she would wake up and ask can I go ask Steve if we can go surfing this morning? 

Night time shenanigans with yaya:
Rylee insists on sleeping with Yaya at night at the beach house. Although it always ends up in nighttime shenanigans. There is lots of laughing crying falling out of bed jumping on the bed screaming craziness happening on the other side of the wall. Brady finally got up one night and said mama I'm gonna tell those girls to be quiet. I said that's a great idea Brady go ahead. He walked into the room and said hey girls knock it off.   I think that finally silenced them at least that night anyways.

4th madness: 
The Fourth of July is always my most favorite holiday at the beach. All the times were there all the stairs were there all our kids were there it was like being 12 years old again. Behind little kids would walk down and look for Brady Brady and Rylee would look up the street and try to find Jack it was just like living our childhood all over again. Brady even asked at one point quotes mama am I a Heim?"

Blanket making: 

The Serra's make the cutest blankets and have each given one to Bryn and I a long time ago.  It is my Mom's FAVORITE blanket.  It is loved so much that it now has a hole.   I have always wanted to know how to make these blankets and now that there was a need to make one this summer seemed like the right time. This summer we decided that we were going to learn how. We went to every Joannes there was looking for fabric to make these blankets.  Of course the day we decide to make these blankets is the most hot and humid day. The kids were happy to play inside but we were dealing with all of this hot flannel fabric.   Lucky for us the blankets turned perfect.  Now we will have to wait for it to cool down to actually use them.

 Cooper walking boot camp:

Cooper turned one while you're at the beach and wasn't quite walking. I thought he would be Way more fun if he was walking down at the beach. I decided to sign up Cooper for Auntie Nini's walking boot camp. I thought for sure I could get that kid to walk within a month. Guess what I did. I'm sure his mother wasn't too happy but I thought it was so much fun.

Urgent care:
One night my mom and I took dinner down to Nonnie's house with the kids. We were all sitting on the patio when Rylee and Brady asked if they could go jump off the lifeguard stand. Since the night before they had had such a good time jumping off the 26th St. lifeguard stand we figured it would be fine. We watch them run out to the lifeguard stand and jump off 1 million times. All of a sudden my mom said oh my gosh Brady just fell off the lifeguard stand.  I couldn't tell if he was crying or not but I did notice that when he tried to get up and walk he couldn't I immediately jumped over the fence ran out to lifeguard stand and carried Brady all the way back to the house screaming the whole way.   He could not put any pressure on it and was screaming uncontrollably. At this point I knew we had to take him to urgent care to see if it was broken. Thankfully it wasn't broken and he was just given a boot to walk around with. The story of the lifeguard stand goes like this
Brady: Rylee pushed me off the lifeguard stand"
Rylee:  no I didn't
Brady:  yes you did 
Rylee: no I didn't 
Brady: yes you did
 So I guess we'll never know what happened

Santa Barbara: 
Chris had his 20th reunion this summer. We drove up to Santa Barbara went to the reunion to see all of his buddies and then hightailed it home as fast as we could 

Rescued the kids: 
The last couple days the weather has been kind of crappy and the water had been even crazier. One morning my dad and I took Rylee out to go surfing and Brady to go out boogie boarding. There wasn't any waves so that the kids were kind of floating waiting for their wave. My dad looked up and said the kids are getting out kind of far do you think they're OK?  I got up realizing that Brady was out pretty far and getting closer and closer to the rocks. Before I knew it I was in a full sprint running down the beach and in the water in my cover-up. Swimming as fast as I could trying to reach Brady before he collided with the rocks or went around the rocks.  As I look back the lifeguard was hot my heels, I reached Brady before he could and he grabbed Rylee and we both towed them into shore. The poor lifeguard must have been in the water all day that day every time we looked over he was saving some poor innocent child.

Black eye surfing accident:
Surfing proved to be a dangerous sport for Brady. On the last day of summer he decided he finally wants to try to surf. He got up right away on the first wave and I noticed I didn't have my big camera. I ran up to the house grab my camera and as I was running back Chris was running in with Brady in his arms screaming bloody murder.  Obviously Rylee's surfboard had collided with Brady's forhead. Blood was running from his eyebrow and there was a very large knot on his head.  Brady's first and last attempt at surfing ended with a black eye.

Camping in the backyard: 
Before we leave for Newport Chris always has the kids camp in the backyard it's his favorite activity of his whole life I think. I really do think he likes it more than the kids but everybody has a great time and mommy gets to sleep in the house by herself.

 Lemonade stand: 
Cousin Robin invited the kids to do a lemonade stand at Nonnie and Papa's house. The kids absolutely loved it and I think could do a lemonade stand every day of the summer.  They ended up making 40 bucks.They were more happy than I could've ever thought.

 Grandpa the babysitter: 
Grandpa is the best babysitter ever. He watched the kids while my mom and I ran to Joannes to look for yet more fabric for our blankets. When we came back this is how we found them Brady passed out on the couch.
Brady turns 5:
Brady turned 5 while we were at the beach.  He loves everything about  being five. He was so excited that he was going to get to go to Rylee's school. He is much more independent now. We had a birthday party but Chris wasn't there so we virtually sang happy birthday with Chris through the invention of FaceTime. 

Birthday bike parade for the Brady man.
Lots and lots and lots of beach days

Best beach kids ever. They get along so well on the beach they never ask for anything they're always together they boogie board together they body surf together they play in the sand together they eat together it's just the best situation you could ever ever dream of.

Cooper's walking boot camp . . . success!

My best beach buddy!!
Beach time with friends.  "Yaya, am I a Heim?" ~Brady

Whitney's bday celebration rusty pelican beach ball faux turkey dinner:

All I wanted on my birthday was a turkey dinner. But the weather decided that I should not have a turkey dinner. It was too hot to cook and humidity was just insane. We decided on doing standup chickens on the barbecue instead.  It was perfect.  After that we rounded up Talia and Stacey and headed over to Cassidy's and the Beachball. That's a birthday to be proud of. On my real birthday we went to the Rusty pelican with mom and grandpa and Chris it was probably the best meal I've ever had in my whole life. Cheers to being 34!!

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