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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Swashbuckling Halloween

Oh Halloween how I love thee!
Like I've said before I will try and do the family costume thing as long as I can.  Trying to get the kids to agree to the same costume was not easy by any means this year.  I usually have out costume ideas nailed down by the time they go to school and could get swayed by their school friends. 
Finally we ALL decided on pirates and not cutesy pirates but swashbuckling pirates! It was fun to learn that the Hazen's were also being pirates.  Finding the kids costumes was easy Chasing Fireflies to the rescue.  Chris and my costumes are always the most difficult.  I found Chris a costume that pretty much resembled Mr. Smee from Jake and the Neverland Pirates cartoon. After he and my mom saw it they burst in to laughter and that was the end of that.  I went in to recovery mode and conjured up a costume a little more rugged for Chris and I.  It came out perfectly.

Every year Yaya comes down for the school Halloween parade and every year we get there early and for some reason get shoved to the back by crazy parents pushing their way to the front to get a picture of their kid.  Last year I won the VIP seats for the Halloween parade seated in the center of the parade. IT WAS PERFECT!  Bryn and Coop came this year too and it was so fun.  Coop walked the parade with Rylee just like he was one of the kids.
Rylee and Maisey

Cooper's first Halloween Parade
After the parade Aunt B and Yaya stayed to help in the kids class with their Halloween parties

A hundred years ago when Chris and I were dating we were in Vegas at Treasure Island where we got these drinks in heavy glass skull glasses.  I have always wanted to get rid of them but when they went so perfectly with our pirate get up, I couldn't have been happier to have them!

I never thought Brady would go for the pirate eyeliner but after he saw Chris he was happy to do it.  Knowing my own kid I knew after I put it on he would hate it.  So I used this really thick black eyeliner crayon knowing that when he saw it he would rub it right off.   Lucky for me my plan worked perfectly.  Eyeliner when on and then when he hated it and rubbed it off it looked like perfectly smudged pirate make up!!  Sometimes I amuse myself.
The kids LOVED being mean scary pirates.

The neighborhood crew
Sweeney and Kyle came over for their annual trick or treating shenanigans and JJ stayed back to hand out candy while we walked the neighborhood.

The Hazen pirates
Halloween was super fun this year.  Next year might be tough to get everyone on board for the family costume but I will try my hardest because it really is fun

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