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Monday, October 26, 2015

Vegas Baby

A Vegas trip is ALWAYS fun, but when you go on a couples trip 
with a group of your best friends it's more than memorable.
We went to celebrate Kyle's 40th birthday.  And boy did we celebrate. 
We partied all day and then partied all night.
Gambled and lost.
Drank and played games at the pool.
Who can stand on the beer can with one foot the longest . . . it seems it's my unknown talent. . . winner winner chicken dinner!
Finally made it to the Chandelier Bar . .  . then almost died . . . but I didn't!
Happy Birthday Kyle stickers
We had a Golden Hour photo shoot. 

Ate at some amazing restaurants. 
Went out and danced the night away.

After a great time was had by all we all came back safe and sound to our littles . . . Vegas see you again but not anytime soon :) 

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