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Friday, November 6, 2015

Unheard feelings

I hate that you're gone
I hate that you're missing the kids milestones
I hate that it makes my Mom so sad
I hate that you're not here
I hate that I can't call you
I hate that I can't hug you
I hate that when I pull up at the beach you're not there
I hate that you didn't let me take more pictures of you
I hate that you were so stubborn
I hate that I'm so mad at you for leaving 
I didn't realize I hated so many things until today
It's just not fair
I miss your advice
I miss you pushing me into elevators
I miss calling you after a really fun night
I miss everything
I'm just sad
I love it when the kids spontaneously say they miss you
I love going to bed hoping I'll see you in my dreams
I love looking into my purse and seeing a million pink lipsticks/lip glosses
I love that I hear you in my head all the time
Literally every day and in every single situation I think . . .
 "What would Mimi say, What would she think, she would hate this outfit, she would LOVE this moment"
I laugh every time I iron something because I know its wrong and you are laughing at me
Every time I cross my arms, I hear you saying "uncross your arms you look insecure"
Every time I get my hair done and I think I should go darker and then I hear you "More blonde"
I want to take you up on your invitation to live with you, not go to school and have fun every day
Memories are powerful and I'm happy we made so many
You would be so proud

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