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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a grand hole in the ground and I am so glad we saw it!
Family Photo Op #1
After our super fun Polar Express ride we got up early to go check out one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  It was fun to wake up to cold and snow, it leaves such an impression when you are not used to it.  We arrived right before all the crazy started there was a small line trying to get into Grand Canyon National Park but nothing like the line we saw as we were leaving.
 1 point for punctuality!!
Family Photo Op #2
The grand canyon is stunning especially with a little dusting of snow on it.  Im not sure the kids got the grandness of it all but they did like being there with the snow.

Family Photo Op #3

Family Photo Op #4
A fun family photo is all fun and smiles until Brady takes a snowball to the face!
So the snowball fight in our family goes something like this . . . Chris and Scott start it, they both try and get their mother in law, Yaya runs around screaming trying not to get hit, Chris and Scott are to scared to get their father in law, the kids get hit in the cross fire, kids cry, Bryn comforts kids,  I stand back and take pics . . . happy family snow ball fight!

And then Brady takes another snowball to the face!

After a great day at the Grand Canyon we stopped into the local pub for a hot toddy!

Bryn's preggo but nobody knows yet . . . shhhhh!

After dinner we found this crazy sleigh zip line that went super high in the pitch black night and came screaming in with Rudolph leading the way.  Of course my dare devil child was up for it. It was FREEEEEZZZZING but we were all shivering together ready to watch . . . and they came walking back . . . Rylee got cold feet (no pun here) and did want to do it . . . . with a few encouragements she got back in the saddle and did it!!!
My little afraid of heights guy and I watched from the platform!

The Polar Express and the Grand Canyon are officially in the books and I think everyone loved EVERY SECOND of it . . . me probably the most.  There is nothing I love more than making these amazing memories with the whole Tavalinkazen crew!  We are so lucky that we all love being together, we all get along, and the kids are super good and love playing with their cousin(s)!

Until next year and all the new adventures to come . . . .

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