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Friday, November 27, 2015


Thanksgiving break is usually a pretty good time. We go to Yaya and JJ's house have a little fun and then go back to school. This year we got to celebrate Nonny and Bryn birthday at the beach the weather was perfect and  we were all there everyone including Scott it was a Thanksgiving miracle

Rylee was on the verge of losing her second top front tooth,  the sucker was hanging by a string. We kept bribing her to pull it out we would give her a dollar we take her get ice cream anything that would make her pull that thing out.
Right after having this conversation she ran out into the family room to bloodied saying that that remote control had knocked out the tooth!

Now all she wants for Christmas are her two front teeth … ha ha Ha

Everyone loves a good fire at Yaya and JJ's house
Brady was the first one to go down with the flu.  He started not feeling good Thanksgiving day. He missed Thanksgiving dinner which was no skin off our nose because he has a need anything anyways.

Lucky for us Brady's sickness only lasted less than 24 hours he was ready to go for the annual pumpkin roll down the driveway contest!!  The kids roll the pumpkins down the driveway over and over and over again until they slip into 1 million pieces

Every once in a while Rylee is very helpful she wanted to help Cooper put his shoes on, I don't think Cooper was very responsive.
Thanksgiving in the books, onto Christmas and all of the exciting activities that are ahead!!

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