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Saturday, December 19, 2015

getting ready for Xmas

Christmas is so busy.
 It's literally is the busiest time of the year.
 There's parties and activities and parties and activities and parties and more activities. 
The first stop of the season is the visit with Santa  and it couldn't have been more perfect. 
We were with Cooper and Yaya and Aunt B and there was no line for Santa.  
It was the first of many Christmas miracles. 
 The big kids were prepared and jumped right up on Santa's lap telling them exactly what they each wanted for Christmas.
 Rylee wanted a watch, Brady of course wanted the same.
 After they had revealed their list to Santa Cooper joined the party and sat on Santa's lap like a pro. Looking around at Santa like who the heck is this guy?

Santa visit … check!
Chris had decided this year that he wanted to have a Christmas party and invite all of our friends. I decided that if he was going to have a Christmas party I was going to have a white flocked Christmas tree. 
 To be honest I had no idea what this entailed. 
 It truly was quite the process.
 One, you pick out your tree … two, they flock it … three, you have to come back four hours later to pick it up … four, they bag it and tie it to the top of your car five, Chris drives 3mph all the way home praying the tree doesn't become detached from the roof.
We went down to the Hotel Del with the Dickhout's for dinner and ice skating.  It was super fun, the kids loved it.  Rylee was of course a natural and Brady clung to the wall as if he might drown. Nobody got hurt so it was an eventful trip.

Chris went to town again on the house and he did a phenomenal job.  
He won 1st place and we were very proud of him.
We celebrated Vienna's second birthday at the Christmas Tree farm.  Jaclyn did a great job and it all turned out really cute.  The kids had a blast jumping in the bounce houses and taking pictures in all the Christmas Trees.

The day before Christmas break is always a room mom's nightmare. The parties we throw for the kids are usually over the top fun with lots of games and activities.  When you're the room mom into classes it makes it that much more crazy. So much crazy that I have turned our soccer/athletic wagon into the cart your kids crap to school wagon.  Both school parties turned out great and I wouldn't miss them for anything.
After the crazy of a last day before Christmas break I was so happy to sleep in Saturday cuddle with the kiddos and have a lazy relaxing day.
Because I knew after this lazy day was about to be a whirl wind vacation to Arizona and the polar express and the Grand Canyon Tavalinkazen style!!

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