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Monday, February 8, 2016

Spring Break, Knotts Berry Farm and more

What is more fun that a summer vacation in the middle of winter?  Yaya and I took the kids to Palm Springs for our February break and it was hot and fun.

After a fun day at the pool and a hot game of mini golf we took the little boat through the hotel to our dinner destination and it was all fun until . . .
 . . . . Brady had to wear a life vest and Rylee didn't !

Hurry take off the life jacket so we can take a couple pics and then the smiles came back.

The kids had not been to Knott's Berry Farm so we thought it would be a great idea during February.  

The kids had a great time. The kids are tall enough to go on all the rides and are happy to go together.  There was one ride that they needed an adult I looked at my mom and she looked at me i popped 2 zofran and went for it . . . good to know that I can do roller coasters with my kiddos with out getting sick!

After all of our fun adventures the funnest adventure was taking Cooper to his little Mommy and Me class.  He was so cute doing most of the things he was supposed to.  The hardest thing was keeping my kids off all of the play equipment supposed to be used by the babies.

Thanks Yaya for all the fun memories during our fun February break!!

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