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Friday, May 27, 2016

Brady and Baseball

After Brady played spring ball last year he realized that he liked it way better than soccer.  Perfect Im not a big fan of soccer either so baseball it is . . . whoo hooo!

Fall ball was a breath of fresh air compared to soccer.  Fall ball is ver relaxed and focuses mainly on fundamentals, which was perfect for Brady.

Chris helped coach and Rylee and I watched.

When you are 5 you play Tee-ball and all the parents are happy and there is no stress. Everyone yells and screams in a positive manner and waits for their kids to eventually make their way around and back to home.

For some reason all the kids want to play catcher.   I think they see all the gear as a super hero. But once they get it on and they can't walk and can't see out of the mask they change their tune!

It was fun to have Colin do fall ball with us and then transition in to spring ball with us too.  It is always helpful to have a friend you know on the team, and helpful when you have kids going in two different directions.

Dance bag vs. Baseball bag
Fall ball was a great transition into spring ball.  I think it gave Brady great confidence going into the next season. 

 He got on the Yankee's and being an Angles fan it was difficult to wear Yankee's gear, but being the supportive family we are, we all put on our Yankee's shirts and cheered for our favorite Yankee!!
Hlinka #11

I love baseball.  I love everything that has to do with baseball.  The pants alone are enough for me!  It was great that Chris got to help coach and to see my two guys on the field was so fun. Chris had to figure out the rules of baseball real fast!

Cutest little first baseman ever and cutest little butt too!

Still trying to play catcher!

Everyone came out to support the Brady man today at his game!  He loves playing any position that gets any action AKA the infield.  He really likes first base because at this stage of the game where ever the ball gets hit the boys have to show it to first base . . . action!!!
Cooper wants so bad to be one of the big kids.  He wanted to be on the field while Brady was playing and cried when he couldn't.  When the game was finally over he got to put on Brady's batting helmet he ran for the field and just kept going.

Towards the middle of the season the coach will pitch to you during the game instead of using the tee.  Brady did and amazing job hitting off the coach pitch almost every time.  So proud of you B Buddy!

Brady waited and waited and waited to get the game ball.  Every game he would think it would be him and it wasn't.  It wasn't until the last game and everyone was there (and a little push form Yaya to the coach) that he got the ever special game ball!  He was so excited and so proud of himself.  

Game ball winner!

I love my baseball family.  I hope Brady grows up loving baseball, its such a fun sport! 

Yaya the baseball loving granny made it to the trophy ceremony too!

Tee ball was such a fun season I can't wait for single A next year . . . bring on the pitching machine!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Brady and Baseball

I am so happy Brady found baseball.  It is the perfect sport for his little personality.  He is not super aggressive (and I'm totally OK with that) so soccer wasn't really his sport and he hated running.  Baseball is the perfect balance between individual sport and team sport.

All his biggest supporters came out this season to watch him play. 
 One game in particular was a game in which all the family was there and he just happened to get the game ball, pretty sure Yaya might have swayed the coach.  Not that he didn't deserve it but more because everyone was there to witness it.