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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SDDC 2016

The San Diego Dance Center 2015-2016 season is going to be epic! Rylee is super excited to be doing her first tap solo this year.  She is doing Tap to Jailhouse Rock, Jazz to Life in the Dream house, tap solo to Tutti Fruiti and production The Diner!

The season started off with an in house dance convention she had a blast with her friends.  They did a little of everything and the girls loved every second of it

Rylee won a dance scholarship for her solo at the KAR dance competition!  Yea for Rylee!

 Rylee and her friends have been working really hard getting ready for competition season.  We went with Kristen and Zoey to a dance convention in OC and the girls did great!  Rylee is towards the top end of her age division so she was more than happy to show all the kids that she knew what she was doing!

Working on that stretch!
Kristen and Zoey

After we got back from convention it was go time for her first time solo on stage!  I was soooooooo nervous for her, she on the other hand was not.  I was very confident that she knew it and was excited for her to get the first one under her belt.  I just couldn't believe my little baby was going to be all alone on that giant stage.

My mom and I sat through a million little solos until it was almost Rylee's turn.  My stomach was a mess, my palms were sweaty and I was pretty much a wreck.  We moved right down to the second row so we could see every little move.  Rylee walked on to that stage like she had been doing this her whole life.  In this huge auditorium she looked so little yet so big on that stage.  The music started and it was AMAZING i think i did every move she did (because I have seen her do it a million times) she hit every move and didn't miss a beat.  I was so proud of her, my mom and I just looked at each other like did this really just happen?

Let's remember for a second (like a literal second) all the tears that it took to get to this and future wins.  The tears with fake eyelashes, the tears with a ponytail that was to tight, the tears with a bun that was too tight, the tears because I threatened to pull her from her solo if she didn't stop crying, the tears because her costume itched, Yaya walking out of the bathroom because she couldn't take the tears and the tears because I asked her to take just one more picture!! 
 Ok thats all lets just remember this for next year!
The signature Rylee face
When it was time for awards I was so nervous for her.  At competitions now a days everyone gets  a participation trophy but what is really important are the overall awards. There was 58 soloist in her 8 and under age group and they call the top 15.  I was praying she would get somewhere in the top 10.  My mom and I sat in the same second row watching the awards.  As they started calling off the top 15 it was so nerve wrecking . . . 15 . . . 14 . . .13 nope then 7 . . . 6 . . . 5. . . Holy Shit she is going to be in the top 10 . . . 4 . . . 3. . . no way she is top 1 or 2 . . . . 2 TUTTI FRUITTI my mom and I went crazy we were so unbelievably proud and excited and it shock!  First time on stage and she got 2nd out of 58!

This trend would continue the entire completion season!
I think her teacher Michelle was shocked that this little fire cracker who had never stepped on stage by herself before just got 2nd place!

I thought it would be a great idea to enter Rylee in a competition in Riverside at the Municipal Auditorium the same venue Bryn and I did all of our dancing!  Thinking this would be a great idea Nonnie and Papa and anyone in Riverside could come watch Rylee would be perfect . . . . until I got the schedule and she went on stage at 7:03am . . . no one wants to get up that early and go to dance competition, not even me not even Rylee!!!

But her supporters came out in full force and Rylee did amazing   . . . so amazing that she got bumped from the novice category to the intermediate category!!  Whoooo Hoooo Go Rylee
Rylee's biggest fan!

Show us your best lips!

After all the optional solo competitions were over it was time to get down to business and start competing our group dances with our friends.
Rylee Keira Chloe and Bella

All the girls were excited to be in the Barbie dance together and it did great all year!
Life in the Dream House 
Jailhouse Rock
Rylee and Zoey
Rylee's tap Jailhouse Rock was amazing and took 1st and 2nd overall all year.  They looked great everytime!

It takes a lot to be a good dance mom.  You must love doing competitions with your friends almost every weekend, staying in hotels drinking margaritas, getting up in the middle of the night to put on fake eyelashes on your kid and wearing sparkly shirts that spell out the name of the studio you are reppin'!  Good for me this makes me a kick ass dance mom!!!

This is the most amazing tap combination EVER!  

It is too early to be up at a dance competition.

Dance is a family affair and even Gramps showed up for a couple competitions!!

That's one washed up waitress!

The girls loved being in the production this year because it was tap and because the costumes were super cute

Yaya went to EVERY (minus 1) competition and sat by my side the whole time! She got up early, stayed late, saved seats, bought the program, and was my dance buddy all season.  She watched more dances than anyone should ever watch in a lifetime.  I never want to go to a dance competition without her.  

Rylee is the reason she does dance  . . . ya ya ya . . . lets be real . . . WE do dance because we have fantastic friends that we do it with.  Dance would not be  have as fun if we didn't do it with these amazing people.
We talk dance all the time, we bitch about dance all the time and we have no time for anything else because we all have dance together!

At the end of a looooooonnnnnngggggg 5 day competition the last thing you want to do is take another picture  . . . sorry Rylee!

These boys are so patient with me and Rylee and all of our dance drama!  Brady sits at dance for hours on end, he sleeps in the car more hours a day then he does at home, Chris is on pick up any time I ask him and they meet us at dance competitions running in late just to watch Rylee for a min on stage, Chris pays millions of dollars for Rylee to dance and we couldn't be more thankful. Thank you boys for all you do!

What an amazing year this has been I can't wait to see what happens next year!!!

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