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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016 from the 50's

Halloween is great when everyone loves their costumes. This year was great!!
Rylee and this super cute costume from one of her dances last year so I though if I can get Brady on board we are golden.  Well, it worked!!
50's here we come!

Mom, Bryn, Coop and Colby came down for the annual Halloween parade at school.  Cooper was Bat Man Car but unfortunately it didn't last very long.  He was excited to walk around the parade with the kids until he saw the giant blow up T-Rex and ti was all over from there!  He sat with Brady's class for a long time waving at all the kids as they walked by, until something scary came walking by and then he high tailed it to the center where we were sitting.

VIP Seats for the Halloween party is really the only way to go!

Cooper enjoyed the kids class parties and Colby even got in on the action!

Auntie Nini as Bat Man Car!

Yaya and JJ didn't stay for Halloween night this year and the whole neighborhood missed them.  Everyone kept asking where is your dad? Who is going to sit on the porch and hand out candy?
I'm happy they got to come to the parade and then go watch Coop Trick or Treat.  I hope that Coop and Colby get the same fun memories as my kids even though we can't trick or treat together.

The Sweeney Nelsons came over as they do every year and it is just as chaotic as it is every year!!!  The kids are getting old enough to run from house to house and not get lost.  We still go with the whole neighborhood and that makes it fun too!

Hopefully I have a couple more years of family costumes!!  Wish me luck!!!

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