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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving week spent having fun in Newport and Riverside.  

A little friendly bowling game isn't so friendly when Rylee is loosing . . . or Yaya for that matter! 
When we got to the bowling alley Cooper didn't want ANY part of it so they left just as soon as they got there.  It was down to the kids and Yaya and I  . . . winner take all  . . . I mean bragging rights . . . and there was some serious bragging, by Me and Brady.

It's always fun going to check in on Nonnie and Papa.  Papa always puts the kids right to work and for some reason they don't complain when he tells them what to do.  I need him to give me a lesson

I love me a little Colby Miller!

Got to see Gramps at the beach and have some Chinese Happy Hour
Everyone wants to get their hands on baby Colby.  Lots of help.
Nonnie 92 years young!
Lucky for us it was a beautiful day to Celebrate Nonnie's birthday at the beautiful Mission Inn. 
Girls lunch + Brady

I just love Brady and I especially love him for all his unique quirks. Just let that be a transition into the next part of the story.
 Waking up on Thanksgiving morning is one of my favorite mornings maybe more than Christmas morning, only because of the food. The smells of everything cooking is just wonderful . . . wonderful that is unless you are Brady.  As the cooking was well under way I couldn't find Brady.  After looking and yelling for him, he emerged up the stairs from JJ's office holding his nose not looking super happy.  He said I do not like the way it smells in here, i'm going to hide down here until Thanksgiving is over!

Yaya the best multitasker!

How many cousins can you fit in a plastic playhouse?  All of them of course, Cooper and I are in there too you just can't see us!

Special moments with the Coopster. Chatting in the playhouse.

Dad started the breakfast club a couple years ago.  It started with 2 members (Rylee and JJ) and a love of Norms.  That has thus transitioned into any grandkid and or son in law that wants to go to Farmer Boys. It's usually a PJ only Club but for some reason this day the kids were dressed . . . strange!  

Bradys' favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the Great Pumpkin Roll. They save their pumpkins and roll them down the drive way, run down and get them  and do it all over again until the pumpkins either land in the hole or split into a million pieces all over the drive way!

Just Rylee driving the old El Camino under the supervision of her 93 year old Great Grandfather and your 2 year old cousin in the passenger seat, fun times!

Dad and his boys

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