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Saturday, December 3, 2016

A White Christmas girls weekend

So my dad called me up one day and asks… Do you think you your sister and your mom would want to go see white Christmas at the Pantages? My reply… Um yeah!
I call my mom and my sister and we are so excited. What a fun experience that we get to do just us girls. We really haven't done anything just the three of us probably since the kids were born. My mom found a cute little spot in LA for us to have dinner and we were off.
It was an old school spot right down the street on Hollywood and vine down the street from the Pantages. The waiter said their specialty was a 

White Christmas the play isn't exactly the same as white Christmas the movie but it was just as fantastic especially during the holiday season. The whole adventure driving up having dinner seeing a play getting dressed up and driving home in the middle the night is just a fun experience. To be with my mom and my sister for a couple on interrupted adult ours was amazing we should do it more oftenmartini. No-brainer we had to try one. Guess what? Nobody liked it shocker. They also had an eight dollar avocado ceviche. Also no-brainer must try. When it arrived we were all shocked. Avocado sliced with thousand island dressing on top. Probably the best avocado and thousand Island combination I've ever had in my whole life would've paid $16.

Walking into the Pantages is just a beautiful site. The architecture of the whole theater is amazing. Sat down in our seats and about 15 people told us no flash photography no pictures no video no cameras no not it. As we sat in her seat I couldn't help but watch all the people taking pictures. I knew it was my turn to be the rule breaker. PS Yaya had no desire in being a rule breaker

Not having the kids was very freeing . . . Mom and I went down to the Mission Inn for a drink and lucky for us Bryn got to join us!

I helped my parents put up their christmas tree and it was fun watching Cooper do the ornaments with out the "help" of his big cousins. He could do it "all by myself"